Disadvantaged Pupil Strategy

St. Mary’s opened in 1865 to serve the most disadvantaged communities of Chesterfield. We seek to meet the individual needs of every child in order for them to fully develop their God-given potential and to remove any barriers which may prevent them reaching their potential. Disadvantaged students remain at the heart of everything we do, and all staff are committed to supporting these students throughout their time at St. Mary’s.

Financial support

Students in receipt of Free School meals receive comprehensive financial support to allow them take part in every aspect of school life. We firmly believe students from low-income families should be able to access every opportunity offered by the school. The support free school meals students receive includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Free uniform for students starting in Year 7 and free second-hand uniform for all year groups
  • Free breakfast
  • A free main meal plus 2 other food items every lunch
  • Free school busses provided by Derbyshire County Council, if St. Mary’s is the closest Catholic secondary
  • Free instrumental lessons
  • Half price trips
  • Half price course materials and equipment

Supporting the progress of disadvantaged students

Research shows that students from disadvantaged students from across the country are more likely to underachieve. We are determined that our disadvantaged students receive everything they need to be successful at school. Every teacher is a teacher of disadvantaged pupils and is responsible for the progress of Pupil Premium students in their care. To substantiate our belief in quality first teaching benefiting the most disadvantaged, our staff have significant periods of undirected time to allow for inclusive planning, assessment and positively discriminated feedback to Pupil Premium students. Literacy is a whole school focus this year, and each department is implementing strategies that will help those who struggle with reading, writing and oracy to do their best.


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