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Anti Bullying

Bullying or discriminatory behaviour of any kind is not tolerated at St. Mary's Catholic High School. 

Bullying is the wilful intention to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. It can by physical, verbal, online or in person. 

We want our pupils to be 'upstanders' not 'bystanders'. 


At St. Mary's we want our pupils to be 'upstanders' rather than 'bystanders'. What this means is that we want our pupils to feel able to speak up and say something if they witness any bullying or discriminatory behaviour. It is important to us that anyone engaging in bullying or discriminatory behaviour sees that their peers are appalled by their behaviour. 

What to do if you or someone you know is being bullied?

  • Tell a trusted adult at school or at home.
  • Email: noroomforhate@stmaryschesterfield.org.uk


What will school do?

  •  Bullying is treated extremely seriously at St. Mary's.
  • You will be kept informed of what school are doing, and school will always make sure you are happy with any plan before we proceed.
  • Parents/carers of anyone found to be bullying will be contacted.


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