Destination data helps to monitor and evaluate careers provision and tailor advice and guidance to individual pupils.

Destination data is any information that is collected on where a pupil goes, and what they do after leaving school. Post-16 information is passed on to local authorities, so that the local authorities can fulfil their requirement to ensure pupils have an education or training placement for the September after they finish Key Stage 4.

Post 16 Destination Data

We track our Year 11 pupils intended destinations, confirmed offers of learning, and actual destinations, as well as offer support to pupils during their post-16 transition.

A large number of our Year 11 pupils choose to remain with us, but some do move on to a variety of other destinations including sixth forms, colleges, and apprenticeships.

Post 16 destinations 2019 2020 2021 2022
St Mary's Catholic High School Sixth Form 54% 70% 64% 60%
College 37% 24% 30% 35%
Apprenticeship 5% 2% 4% 1%
Other Sixth Forms 4% 8% 2% 1%
Not in Education, Employment, or Training 0% 0% 1% 0%

Post 18 Destination Data

University destinations include Oxford and Cambridge, Durham, Nottingham, Birmingham, Loughborough, University College London, Manchester, Liverpool, Imperial College London, and London School of Economics.

Pupils have secured apprenticeships with a wide range of employers including, amongst others, Rolls Royce and Patek Philippe.

Post 18 Destination 2022
University 80%
       - Russell Group* 37%
       - Plate Glass**       10%
Further Education 5%
Apprenticeship 4%
Employment 4%
Deferral 6%

* Russell Group is a term for a group of universities with a shared focus on research, and a reputation for academic achievement. There are not any specifically different entry requirements for a Russell Group university. Universities and courses all have their own entry requirements but, given their strong reputation, the entry requirements for a Russell Group university are often higher. 

** Plate glass universities are a group of universities that were established in the 1960s. They tend to be universities with a strong focus on engineering and technology programmes, although most are also highly reputable in social sciences, humanities and the arts.