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Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones by school children can have a detrimental effect on their wellbeing and their learning in school.

As a consequence, the use of mobile phones and all electronic devices is prohibited for pupils in Years 7-11. Any mobile phone that is brought onto the school site (which includes the bus bays) must be turned off and stored in the school bag. 

Should a pupil be found to be breaking this rule, the phone will be confiscated for a period of 1 week (e.g. phones confiscated on a Tuesday will be returned the following Tuesday). If the confiscation period extends into the school holidays, the confiscated items will be returned the first school week after the holiday. This policy is non-negotiable, as it is a key component of our ability to deliver an outstanding education and our determination to do everything we can to safeguard  our pupils effectively.

The same rule applies for fitbits, smartwatches and other electronic communication devices. 


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