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Reporting Home

The hope with every report that we send out is that it will give parents and carers a clear sense of how their child is achieving and developing with us at St Mary’s.

In Years 7-9, Year 11 and Year 13, pupils receive two school reports per year, with Year 10 and Year 12 receiving three. Our school reports indicate how pupils are currently performing across key areas of school:

  • A current Attainment grade in each subject;
  • A judgement of their Conduct for each subject;
  • Their attendance details, as well as contextual information regarding attendance;
  • Their ASPIRE house point total, and contextual information for comparison;
  • Information on 'Next Steps' for each subject;
  • Information regarding their Inauro participation.

As noted above, reports include a series of ‘Next Step’ statements for each of their subjects to allow for areas for development to be identified by their teachers. Holistic Education is of key importance to us and so an update on what has been covered over the course of the term in pupil’s Inauro Education is also included on the report.

Pupils are judged by staff on their conduct on the reports. They will either be 'Outstanding', 'Good' or 'Requires Improvement'. A copy of the discriptors can be found below:Conduct Descriptors

The attached report is an example of what a report would look like for a pupil studying with us at KS4.


Alps and FFT

At St Mary's pupils we use aspirational targets for Key Stage 4 and 5 students to ensure that they can fulfil their God-given potential. With outstanding teaching, excellent attendance and a commitment to scholarly learning, pupils can achieve these targets in order to open doors for them in the future.

The Fischer Family Trust (FFT) is a non-profit company with over 25 years of experience of helping school improvement. FFT Benchmark estimates enable us to set Key Stage 4 targets, with all of their estimates based on the latest KS2 and KS4 frameworks, in order to generate 9-1 and Level 1/2 BTEC estimates.

At Key Stage 5, we use a target-setting tool called Alps. Alps take pupils’ prior attainment and generate a ‘minimum expected grade’ (MEG). These are aspirational targets designed to stretch pupils to be in the top 25%, nationally. For the current Year 10 cohort, it has also been necessary to use Alps to generate Key Stage 4 targets for, using their CATs results to do so.