Information for Teachers

Pupils will always look to teachers for guidance along their school journey which will include their next steps and career pathways.

In order to support staff we have provided some useful guidance here so that you can trust that you are passing on relevant and up-to-date information relating to careers to guide any conversations with pupils either in passing, or within your teaching.

Teachers' Guide to University 2024 (


National Careers Service


Support is always available from the Careers Team, should you need it, so do not hesitate to ask. We would also recommend that more extensive conversations about next steps and career pathways should be with our qualified Careers Adviser. You can refer any pupils by emailing Dr E Dando.

Careers in the Curriculum

We understand how important it is for us to be positive role-models on a lesson-by lesson basis. We hope that our passion for teaching, and our subject areas, shines through in order to inspire the young people in front of us.

We recognise that the delivery of Careers Education in every classroom plays a crucial role in informing, educating, and inspiring the next generation to be passionate, confident, and to have happy and successful futures. After parents/carers, many studies point to the crucial role of the subject teacher in transforming the career goals of our young people. A teacher's passion for their subject can inspire pupils to consider how they might move into a subject-related profession. As part of Gatsby Benchmark 4 – Linking Careers to the curriculum, each subject teacher is required to embed careers related activities into their curriculum. This continues to be a developmental focus for St Mary's.

The Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) have a huge range of resources and guidance on how to successfully deliver Careers Education within subject areas. The guidance, from the CEC, is designed to offer practical tips as well as case studies and examples that you could use.