Zoey Spendlove



I attended St Mary’s between 1987-1994. After leaving St Mary’s, I took on a three-year degree at Staffordshire University with the intention of becoming a midwife and by 1997, this became a reality. Over the next 14 years I worked full-time as a midwife, whilst undertaking a Masters degree at the same time, before doing a PhD at the University of Nottingham. This has led me to my current position, where I am now working full time as an Associate Professor of Midwifery.

I would say that there have been multiple challenges in my career since leaving St Mary’s – the biggest being supporting families experiencing pregnancy loss; at the same time, there has been many highlights, of which supporting women with childbirth and advocating for women’s choice has been the main highlight by far.

Looking back at my time at St Mary’s, my most memorable moment was a fortnight on Florida on a school trip, whilst in school, German was probably my favourite subject. If I were to give any advice to the pupils at St Mary’s today, it would be to research into career options in-depth and as early as possible - the more time that you have to consider your future options, the better.