Isobelle Rodgers

Digital Design


I attended St Mary’s between 2010-2017. After leaving school, I took an apprenticeship at Derbyshire County Council; after completing that I was head-hunted by JCB to join their digital design team. This created more opportunities, and with the help of LinkedIn, I achieved a position at RELEX Solutions which allowed me to travel globally and work with leading retailers creating online learning.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my career so far was probably the transition to adult life after leaving school. In terms of my career up to now, my favourite moment was being asked to travel to the US and run a one week training session for Target and Walmart.

Looking back at my time St Mary’s, my favourite experiences included the amazing music trips, drama productions and being part of the School Council. I would say that the subject I enjoyed the most was probably IT, which led me to the job I’m in now. If I were to give any advice to current students, it would be that there are always more options out there, and if you see an opportunity out there, then what have you got to lose