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We were delighted to welcome back two very special friends of the school, Margaret and Barry Mizen, MBE today. Their 16-year-old son, Jimmy, was senselessly murdered by another teenager in 2008 because of an unprovoked violent act with unintended consequences. The family created the Mizen Foundation to ensure that something positive came out of the horror of their loss. Margaret and Barry have since dedicated their lives to celebrating Jimmy’s life, sharing their story of grief, promoting the Christian values of forgiveness, peace, and hope to effect change in our communities. Their commitment to their Catholic faith and mission is remarkable.

Margaret and Barry work with schools, churches, prisons, and other organisations to encourage people to think about their actions and how we are all vital in making our world a safer place for our young people. They do not believe that retribution is the key to change, but that tolerance, understanding and compassion will create supportive and safe communities, and help to prevent the tragedy that their family experienced. 

Margaret and Barry delivered presentations to Year 9, Year 10 and to Year 6 at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, as well as leading a workshop with a Y13 A-Level Psychology class. All the pupils involved in this unique experience listened intently and respectfully and asked some very thoughtful questions. This was an emotional, moving, and challenging day, but the pupils were a credit to both schools. They concluded their visit by addressing school staff and members of the governing body.

They encourage their audiences to remember two key mantras: ‘You are loved, you are valued, you matter’ and ‘Forgiveness, peace and hope’. They wish for every young person to be the peacemakers to make our society a safer, kinder place to prevent a repeat of what happened to their precious son.

It is truly a privilege to be in the presence of such an inspirational couple, and we look forward to them working with our pupils and wider school community in the future.


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