We are very proud of the high standard of appearance of our pupils. In order to maintain this, the school has a uniform and appearance policy which every pupil must adhere to. Staff are asked to ensure that pupils are

monitored at all times. All instances of incorrect uniform and appearance are noted. If a pupil has to be reprimanded twice for infringements of the code listed below (and/or the homework diary) then on the second occasion a letter will be sent home informing parents that their child has been placed in a lunchtime detention. Repeated infringement of uniform will lead to more serious sanctions and parental contact.

– Boys are not allowed to wear earrings; girls can wear one pair of plain gold or silver studs in the ear lobe. If ears are pierced multiple times, earrings must be worn in the first piercing in the ear lobe. No jewellery may be worn as other body piercings. Pupils can wear a religious medal underneath their blouse or shirt. No rings are to be worn. Watches must be plain and not brightly coloured.

– Make-up, including nail varnish, false nails or extensions, fake tan, eyebrow or eyelash tinting must not be worn.

All students must adhere to the uniform/appearance code, examples of which are set out below:

– Blazers must be kept on until permission is given to remove them

– Shirts are to be tucked in (not folded up under pullovers)

– Top button must be fastened

– Tie knot is to be positioned at the collar and the tie is the proper length to the waist

– Shoes are to be worn in classrooms (no trainers)

– Scarves are not to be worn in classrooms

– No make up

– Plain gold or silver stud earrings only (1 pair at ear lobe, if ears are pierced multiple times, earrings must be worn in the first piercing in the ear lobe) – girls only

– No jewellery (except above, and watch)

– Skirts are to be knee length

– No colouring or extremes of hair style. Hair dye or hair extensions are not allowed. Boys must not have

extremely short hair or hair below the shirt collar. Extreme contrasts between top of hair and sides is not

permitted. Any student with hair types 3a-4c may wear their hair in an appropriate protective hairstyle

– Plain, navy blue hijabs may be worn by practicing Muslims


All uniform items are available from Monkhouse.  or from Parades schoolwear

Please click the link for detail on how to use the Click & Collect service.

A predominantly navy blue or black bag, without logos/patterns must be provided. A hymn book with cover is compulsory and can be purchased from school. (£11.00)

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