Sociology is only taught at A-level at St Mary’s.

The Sociology syllabus offers an introduction to social and cultural issues, and encourages you to develop a critical approach to issues around culture, identity, religion, crime, health, families, and social power.

In Year 1 you will look at the role of education in society. You will also learn the foundations of sociological research, theoretical perspectives and the optional topic, Families and Households.

In Year 2 you will increase your understanding of research methods. You will also study Crime and Deviance, and an optional topic The Media.

Key Stage 5

There are three examinations taken at the end of Year 2. Each exam is two hours long and is worth one third of your A level grade

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods Paper 2: Topics in Sociology Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
•     2 hour written exam

•     80 marks

•     33.3% of A-level

-     Education (50 marks)

-     Methods in Context (20 marks)

-     Theory and Methods (10 marks)

•  2 hour written exam

•  80 marks

•  33.3% of A-level

-  Extended writing (40 marks) Families & Households

-  Extended writing (40 marks) The Media

•  2 hour written exam

•  80 marks

•  33.3% of A-level

-  Crime and Deviance (50 marks)

-  Theory and Methods (30 marks)

Exam Board: AQA

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Rhonda Calladine

Head of Sociology Department