Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a core subject within St Mary’s curriculum. In Religious Studies we will provide an inspiring curriculum that:
• Develops a coherent understanding of the Catholic faith and an appreciation of the spiritual, cultural and moral diversity within the world.
• Serves the needs of all students challenging them to think critically and excel academically.
• Gives students the opportunity to think about who they are and what they stand for preparing them to become resilient, respectful and active citizens.

Key Stage 3

There is no national curriculum for Religious Studies at KS3, however, Catholic Schools are expected to follow the Curriculum Directory (as set down by the Bishops of England and Wales). As such, our programmes of study are bespoke and have been created to give students a coherent understanding of Catholicism and other world faiths and world views. Our Curriculum Narrative for Key Stage 3 Religious Studies is the Story of God and Humans

Year 7- Who we are and who God is.
• Worldviews
• Humans
• Jesus
• Sacraments
• Lent
• Hinduism
Year 8-Covenants
• Knowing God
• Judaism
• Covenant
• Kingdom of God
• Mass
• Sikhi
Year 9- Believers in the World Today
• Revelation
• Vocation
• Church
• Islam
• Humanism
Key Stage 4

In Year 10 our curriculum narrative is to develop a coherent understanding of Jewish beliefs and practices, Catholic Foundational Theology (Origins and Meaning and Good and Evil) and Non-Religious Worldviews. In Year 11 it is to develop a coherent understanding of Catholic Applied Theology (Life and Death and Sin and Forgiveness) and Non -Religious Worldviews.
We follow the Eduqas Route B Religious Studies specification. This entails teaching 75% content on Catholic Christianity and 25% content on Judaism (as directed by Bishop Ralph). Students will not complete any coursework but will be examined at the end of Year 11 in the form of three separate examination papers.

Exam Board: Eduqas
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Key Stage 5
A-level Religious Studies- Philosophy, Ethics and Theology.

At Key Stage 5 we follow Eduqas Religious Studies A Level. This is an in depth study of Christianity and its place in the wider world, Philosophy of Religion and Religion and Ethics. Students will cover a range of topics such as: Arguments for the existence of God, challenges to religious belief, religious experience, ethical thought, Natural Law, Situation Ethics, Feminist and Liberation Theology and challenges from secularisation. At the end of Year 13 students will sit three examination papers where they will answer AO1 questions (knowledge and understanding) and AO2 questions (analysis and evaluation).
Exam Board: Eduqas
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Religion and Life
As a Catholic School providing students with full time education, we run our Religion and Life course all students who do not study A Level Religious Studies. This course is designed by us and is an in depth study of the ethical, philosophical, faith and cultural issues within contemporary society. We study and discuss issues such as cults, sexism, racism, freedom, critical thinking and animal rights.

For further information about the Religious Studies curriculum please contact: Helen Cooper
Head of Religious Studies Department

For further information about the Religious Studies curriculum, please contact:
Mrs H Cooper- Head of Religious Studies.