Through language we can connect with other people and make sense of our experiences. We raise awareness of the nature of language and language learning, in both the new languages and the mother tongue, and employ a range of teaching strategies which combine the best of new ideas with excellent practice. French is one of the three official business languages of the European Union, and is spoken as the first language in 29 countries.

Key Stage 3
Key Stage 3
In Key Stage 3 pupils follow the programs of study set out by the national curriculum.  We use a range of teaching resources including the “Studio” text books. Topics are taught through the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Pupils are encouraged to participate actively in lessons. We incorporate fun activities to support learning into the lessons such as singing French songs, playing language games, using mini whiteboards, watching extracts of French clips on YouTube and spending time practising speaking in the language lab. We encourage pupils to use ICT in French and we subscribe to various languages learning websites that pupils can access both at home and at school.
Year 7

-Describing yourself and others


- Hobbies

- Where you live

- Holidays


Year 8



- All about you

- Home

- Your talents

Year 9

-Social life

-Healthy living

-Jobs and careers



Key Stage 4
Key Stage 4
Students who opt to study French at GCSE will follow the AQA syllabus. The course builds upon the skills developed at Key Stage 3 and further develops fluency and depth on the following topics:

1. Identity and culture

2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest

3. Current and future study and employment


Students are assessed on 4 skills, and can be entered either at foundation or higher level.


Foundation Higher
Paper 1 - Listening - 25% 35 minutes 45 minutes Students answer a variety of questions on extracts recorded by native French speakers.
Paper 2 - Speaking - 25% 7-9 minutes 10-12 minutes Students will have to take part in a role play, describe a photo and have a general conversation on the topics studied.
Paper 3 - Reading - 25% 45 minutes 1 hour Students will have to answer a range of questions on French texts. There will also be a translation from French to English.
Paper 4 - Writing -25% 1 hour 1 hour 15 Students will have to write a short structured task in French and if entered for higher, an open ended task. There will also be a translation from English to French.

Exam Board:  AQA - Specification 8658

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Key Stage 5
Key Stage 5
Students who opt to study A Level French will follow the AQA syllabus. The course build upon the four skills developed at GCSE and covers a wide range of topics including:

1. Aspects of French-speaking society: current trends

- The changing nature of family

-The 'cyber-society'

- The place of voluntary work

2. Artistic culture in the French-speaking world

- A culture proud of its heritage

- Contemporary francophone music


3. Current issues in French society
- Positive features of a diverse society
- Life for the marginalised
- How criminals are treated


4. Aspects of political life in the French speaking world
- Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment
- Demonstrations, strikes – who holds the power?
- Politics and immigration

Students will also study a film, currently Au revoir les enfants and a book, currently L’étranger by Camus.

In Year 13 students will complete an independent research project on a topic of their choice.


Students are assessed in 4 areas:

Paper 1 50% 2h30 minutes Listening, reading and translations
Paper 2 20% 2 hours Two essays on each of the works studied
paper 3 30% 21-23 minutes Discussion on one of the themes studied and presentation of the individual research project.

Exam Board: AQA - Specification 7652

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For further information about the French curriculum please contact:

Mrs A Leroux
Head of French Department