Business and Economics

Business and Economics are AS/A Level subjects on offer at Key Stage 5. They can help our students prepare for employment, becoming an entrepreneur, further training or in most cases university degree courses.

We focus on engaging students to embrace the dynamic nature of business in the UK and how it can remain competitive on a global basis whilst in economics addressing the range of challenges facing the UK in areas such as the budget deficit, the environment and the housing market.

We also run a successful Young Enterprise Programme where students set up, run and develop a product or service and compete with other schools. In recent year we have had significant success at local, regional and national level

Key Stage 5


Key Stage 5
A Level Business: Students study areas such as ownership structures, management and leadership and ways to improve operational performance in financial, marketing, human resources and operational aspects. We then move onto strategic issues such as growth, managing change and international expansion. Exams comprise a range of assessment methods including multiple choice, data response questions and essays.

A Level Economics: Students study microeconomics including the price mechanism, market failure and government intervention. Areas of investigation are the environment, housing and health care. Macroeconomics is the study of economic growth, inflation, unemployment and the balance of payments and wider objectives such as the budget deficit and income inequality. Exams comprise a range of assessment methods including multiple choice, data response and essay questions.


Exam Board: AQA specifications 7132 A Level Business and 7136 A Level Economics

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