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Username and Passwords


All Students are assigned a Username and Password for the accounts that they will use during their time at St. Marys.

The format for student accounts is SirName+Firstinitial of firstname+last 2 digits of the year that they started at the school.

Example: Homer Simpson is starting school in 2021

The username would be SimpsonH21


For Security purposes the Student password format is set by default:

The password has be be a minimum of 8 Characters with at least a Capitol Letter and one Number (No Special characters allowed)

Example: Password1

The student is responsible for this password as they create this when they log into a computer for the first time at school. (therefore it is important that they make note of the password in order to be able to log into any school accounts later)

Satchelone (showmyhomework)

Satchelone (showmyhomework)

All Students have an account and should be able to log in via the Office 365 link on the Satchelone Webpage.

When clicking the link they will be prompted to enter their email address to sign into the account.


followed by the password that they use to log into the school computer.

Because the school uses Office 365 all student accounts are synced and therefore their password is the same across all of their accounts in school. (Computer login, Email and Satchelone are all the same password)


If a student can log into the account in school but is having trouble doing so at home it is possible that they:

(a) Signed into the device at home  and selected save my password/stay logged in. If they did this and then had the password reset in school because they forgot it then  this will cause an issue as the old password is still stored in the home computer.

It could fail to sign in because instead of using the new password it is still referring to the old password that is stored within the computer. This will need to be resolved by following the instructions here: Removing Cookies from Browser

(b) Please check and make sure the Email address is entered correctly. (must include the entire address )

Free Microsoft Office 365 Download

Please follow this link for instructions on how to download. Download

Microsoft Outlook Email Setup Instructions

Click here for instructions.  Here