Sixth Form Admissions

For pupils not currently attending St Mary’s, your first step is to attend an Open Evening where you will be given further information about our application process. It is our expectation that you will have attended an Open Evening before making a formal application.

For 2022 entry: Please book a place on one of our Open Evenings by emailing 

Open Evenings take place throughout the year, Please contact us for more information.

Introduction from Mrs Smith
Power point presentation from the Sixth Form Ambassadors
A virtual tour of the school
 talk about the application process
A 10 minute Q&A session
Closing date for applications: Monday 17th January 2022

Size of Sixth Form
Our Governors intend to admit 185 students into Year 12. The full intake is not taken up entirely by students from our own Year 11 and we welcome applications for places from students in other schools.

Our Courses: A Levels & BTECs
St Mary’s specialises in A level courses. This allows us to offer a wide range of A levels and to accommodate most combinations of subjects. We also offer Level 3 BTEC qualifications. See Sixth Form Prospectus and Courses Booklet.

Entry Requirements
In addition to the high expectations of attendance, conduct, appearance and effort, applicants to Sixth Form should also satisfy the following academic requirements:

For 2022 entry:
Five or more GCSE passes at grade 4 or above, preferably inclusive of Maths and English. Please see the Prospectus for all entry requirements for the individual subjects you wish to study.
There is the possibility of a resit in Maths or English to obtain a grade 4 during sixth form.

Internal Applicants:

For September 2022 and 2023 and 2024 entry:
2022   by the last day before the Christmas holidays in 2021
2023   by the last day before the Christmas holidays in 2021
2024   by the last day before the Christmas holidays in 2021

Our own Year 11 apply in the first instance by a Straw Poll Options form in the second half of the Autumn term and will then complete a second Options form obtaining the signatures of parents during the Spring term.

External Applicants:

Applications accepted from/to:

Entry Date                Applications accepted from              to end of school on
September 2022          First Monday of July 2021                        26 November 2021
September 2022          First Monday of July 2022                       22 November 2022
September 2023          First Monday of July 2023                       10 November 2023
September 2024          First Monday of July 2024                         8 November 2024


Please note we would expect all applicants to be able to meet our minimum entry requirements, and for external applicants we will judge at the time of application based on the current grades (or closest equivalent) on the latest school report only (usually end of Year 10); students would have to show good attitude to learning and effort, and to attend well. If you are interested, you should contact A Davies (Sixth Form Administrator) in writing, by telephone or by email via

St Mary’s Sixth Form will admit a minimum of 30 external students.

Interested students will be invited to join the Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening. These evenings take place through the application season. The evening is for your information only and it plays no part in the application procedure. If you are still interested in joining St Mary’s Sixth Form after one of our Virtual Open Evenings, you can apply by the deadline above by contacting A Davies


Information for all Applicants:

Looked after children will be prioritised for places, as will previously looked after children, provided they meet the minimum entry requirements.

St Mary’s Sixth Form will accept all internal applicants who meet the academic entry requirements, i.e. applicants who attended the school in Year 11 and want to progress to our Sixth Form.

Students applying after the application deadline will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will be kept until the summer. Should we have capacity after initial enrolment in the summer, and the late applicant meets the minimum criteria, late applicants would be contacted in order of when the late submission was received, with priority given to students as per the pre-deadline criteria.

If offers are not accepted by 1st April 2022 then St Mary’s Sixth Form may withdraw the offer of the place.

In the event that applications are inseparable on any other basis, if an applicant has had siblings who are, or were pupils at the school this applicant will take priority.

Students who are not offered a place have a right to appeal a decision to not offer a place in the first instance to the Headteacher. Thereafter, if not resolved, to the Chair of Governors and then an independent appeal panel.