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Staff Code of Conduct

All staff (paid and voluntary) are expected to adhere to a code of conduct in respect of their contact with pupils and their families. Children will be treated with respect and dignity and punishment, detention, restraint, sanctions or rewards will be in line with the School’s Behaviour Policy.  Whilst it would be unrealistic and undesirable to preclude all physical contact between adults and children, staff are expected to exercise caution and avoid placing themselves in a position where their actions might be open to criticism or misinterpretation. Where incidents occur which might otherwise be miss-construed, or in the exceptional circumstances where it becomes necessary to physically restrain a pupil for their own protection or others’ safety, this will be appropriately recorded and reported to the Head teacher and parents. Any physical restraint used will comply with DfE and LA guidance. Except in cases of emergency, first aid will only be administered by qualified First Aiders. If it is necessary for the child to remove clothing for first aid treatment, there will, wherever possible, be another adult present. In the event of the above this will be recorded and shared with parents/carers at the earliest opportunity. Children requiring regular medication or therapies for long-term medical conditions have an Individual Health Care Plan that has been developed by the parents and the health authority. For their own safety and protection, staff should exercise caution in situations where they are alone with pupils. Other than in formal teaching situations; musical instrument tuition, for example, the door to the room in which the 1:1 coaching, counselling or meeting is taking place should be left open. Where this is not practicable because of the need for confidentiality, another member of staff will be asked to maintain a presence nearby. School staff should also be alert to the possible risks that might arise from social contact with pupils outside of the School. Home visits to pupils should only take place with the knowledge and approval of the Head teacher. Staff do not disclose their personal telephone numbers and email addresses to pupils or parents and do not use any form of social media to communicate with parents and/or pupils at St Mary’s Catholic High School.

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