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Online Safety


Technology offers unimaginable opportunities and is constantly evolving. Access is currently becoming universal and increasingly more mobile, and pupils are using technology at an ever earlier age. Older children are spending more time online, and are more likely to go online alone. Secondary school children are also more likely to mostly use the internet in their bedrooms. Children are going online via a wider range of devices. Internet access via a PC, laptop or notebook is increasingly being supplemented by access via other devices. Children of all ages continue to use social networking. Technology use and e-safety issues go hand in hand. Many incidents happen beyond the physical geography of the school and yet can impact on pupils or staff.   Just because these environments are online make them no less susceptible to potential harm compared to the physical world. This makes it vitally important that pupils and staff are fully prepared and supported to use these technologies responsibly.


We aim to educate our pupils about how to be safe on line. There are many dangers to be aware of including:


  • exposure to inappropriate content
  • online pornography,
  • ignoring age ratings in games (exposure to violence associated with often racist language)
  • substance abuse
  • lifestyle websites, for example pro-anorexia/self-harm/suicide sites
  • sharing passwords
  • conduct  privacy issues, including disclosure of personal information
  • digital footprint and online reputation
  • health and well-being (amount of time spent online (internet or gaming)
  • sexting (sending and receiving of personally intimate images) also referred to as SGII (self generated indecent images)
  • copyright (little care or consideration for intellectual property and ownership– such as music and film)

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