Senior Leadership Team

Details of the Senior Leadership Team can be found below along with their key responsibilities.

Leadership Group

Headteacher – Mrs M Dengate(MD)
Deputy Headteacher – Mrs S Cain(CN)
Senior Assistant Headteacher – Miss H McKay(HM)
Director of Business and Finance – Mrs A Finch
Director of Teaching School – Mrs T Dundas
Assistant Headteacher – Mrs C Thurlow(CM)
Assistant Headteacher – Mrs F Fletcher(FF)
Assistant Headteacher – Mr C Bradley(CB)

Heads of Key Stage

Head of Key Stage 4 – Miss E. Drury
Head of Key Stage 3 – Mr A Breedon

Heads of Year

Year 7 – Mr A Breedon
Year 8 – Mr J Slater
Year 9 – Mrs D Shaw
Year 10 – Mrs S Ford
Year 11 – Miss A Pimblett / Miss D Marsden
Year 12 – Mrs E Smith
Year 13 – Miss C Errington

Heads of Department

Teaching School Director – Mrs T Dundas
Strategic ICT Leader – Mr A Danks
RE – Mrs C Thurlow
Technology – Mr C Foletti / Miss G Clarke
PE – Mr M McKee
Music – Mrs F Fletcher
History – Mrs A Jones
Maths – Mrs L Nicholl
ICT – Mr S Gannon
Art – Mr C Longmuir
French – Miss A Leroux
German – Mrs C Parkin
Spanish – Ms L Craven
Geography – Mrs K Donnelly
Business Studies and Economics – Mr N Cutts
Science – Dr K Halliday
Psychology – Mrs J Grant-Smith
English – Mr J Cox
Learning Support/SENCO – Mrs A Rosling
Drama – Ms R Brownsword