Ethos and Values

St Mary’s is a Roman Catholic High school with a proud heritage in Chesterfield and within the Hallam Diocese. As a school community we live by the values Jesus taught in the Gospel; values such as humility, patience, tolerance, and unconditional love of others.

Our Mission Statement, which runs through everything we do, is that we will ‘Live, love and learn in the Light of Christ’. This means that as a school we endeavour to give pupils and staff an opportunity to live out the teachings of Jesus and the Catholic Church; to be witnesses to our shared faith. Alongside this, all members of our community are encouraged to embrace the unconditional love that Jesus speaks of in the Gospels; we are asked to be Good Samaritans to all those we come across, sharing our gifts and talents to help those in need and to be examples of forgiveness. Our school is a place of academic learning, but also an environment where everyone can engage in their own spiritual development and access all the necessary resources to fulfil their own personal vocation.


Our lay Chaplaincy co-ordinator is Siobhan Garth who works with students across all the Key Stages and with staff to develop their spiritual and prayer life and that of the school. Siobhan is full time and can be found in her office which is situated near to the chapel. Pupils and staff can see Siobhan to discuss anything they think she might be able to offer support with; bereavement, prayer, friendship issues etc. Siobhan runs two chaplaincy groups, one in KS3 and one in KS5, she prepares pupils for Form Masses which are celebrated every other week in school on Friday lunchtime. We run retreats in KS3 and KS5 some of which Siobhan plans and runs herself.


Each year group is allocated a saint who is patron for their year group. It is someone pupils can turn to and use as a model of prayer and faith. They will celebrate their saint’s feast day in school with prayer and a treat in form time.

Year Group Saint Patron/Reference Saint’s Day
Year 7 St Therese of Lisieux Doing the little things well 1st October
Year 8 St Nicholas Garlick Padley Martyr 4th May
Year 9 St Robert Ludlam Padley Martyr 4th May
Year 10 St Josephine of Bakhita Overcoming oppression and Slavery 8th February
Year 11 St Michael the Archangel Defender and Protector 29th September
Year 12 St Edith Stein Philosopher and Auschwitz martyr 9th August
Year 13 St Thomas Aquinas Students 28th January
Staff St John De La Salle Staff 7th April

Further to this, each Key Stage has been allocated an Archangel who we pray will protect that Key stage.

KS3 Raphael – Archangel of Healing

KS4 Michael – Guardian Angel of the Church

KS5 Gabriel – Gabriel is God’s holy messenger