At St. Mary’s, the Chaplaincy encompasses every member of our school community remembering that each one of us has a network of relationships that we bring with us wherever we go.
Our mission statement calls us :
To live, love and learn in the light of Christ, as a welcoming and supportive community of faith sharing in the joys & hopes, griefs & anxieties of all.

Our school is under the patronage of Mary – the Mother of Jesus and our mother. She walks with us on the road of discipleship. Each year, we celebrate one of her feast-days.

What is important to us here in St. Mary’s is the quality of our relationships – with God, with each other, with those we meet and with our world.

Every day, either in the whole Year Assemblies or in Form Registration, time is given to reflection and prayer which is based on the events of the Church’s liturgical life, or community life or events in our world.

We begin each day by praying our school prayer together – we invite you to join with us:

Loving God, as I begin this day,
Help me to live my life to the best of my ability
To be open to those who love me
To respond to those who need me
To forgive those who hurt me
And to appreciate the world in which I live. Amen.

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Chesterfield Deanery Weekend Mass Times

Mass Times – The Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace

Saturday Vigil Masses

5.00pm Holy Spirit, Dronfield

6.30pm Holy Family, Derby Road

Sunday Mass

8.00am Annunciation, Spencer Street

9.30am Annunciation, Spencer Street

11.00am Annunciation, Spencer Street

7.00pm Annunciation, Spencer Street

Saturday Morning

Annunciation – 9.00am – 10.00am (During this time there will be Adoration)

Holy Family – 5.45pm – 6.15pm

Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace