Transition to Year 7


As a school community, we are very much looking forward to getting to know our new families and pupils. Meeting and supporting our new pupils brings us such joy. Whilst we are not able to do this in the manner we have done in previous years, we are confident that we are still going to be able to support our new pupils to give them the best possible transition to our school.

This page will be updated weekly with content designed to give our new pupils and parents an excellent transition to our school.


Thursday 16th July

Our Year 13 chaplaincy team have been in school this week. They work alongside our chaplaincy department, and play a really important part in our school life. The chaplaincy department have made a video to introduce themselves to you.

On another note, you will all be receiving a very important letter home over the first few weeks of the school holiday. If you haven’t received it by Monday 3rd August please get in touch with school.


Thursday 2nd July

We hope that you all enjoyed our video tour of St. Mary’s. This week we are going to provide you with the final series of taster lessons, Science, Maths and Geography. We hope that you have all received your email inviting you to an additional taster day, and informing you that the revised first day for Year 7 will be Monday 7th September. Please get in touch with school if you have not had this email.

Maths lesson 

Science lesson 

Geography lesson


Monday 15 June

We have the pleasure of uploading our video tour of St. Mary’s this week. This video has been made specially for our Y6 pupils, as you are not able to visit us in person. The video has been made by the Key Worker pupils who are currently in school.

This week’s FAQs;

Where is the best place for a Year 7 locker? All of our lockers are in central locations throughout the school and are easily accessible by pupils no matter what department they are in. Remember, lockers need to be ordered online through ILS Solutions (


Monday 8th June

We want to introduce our Chaplaincy department to you today. You will be starting at a Catholic school in September, and we know that some of you might not quite know how this is different from attending another school. Our Chaplaincy department forms the heart of our school and is one of the very special things about St. Mary’s. Please have a read through our Chaplaincy booklet below.

Welcome to Chaplaincy Year 7


This week’s FAQs

 Is there an opportunity to come in and talk to my child’s tutor or teachers?

Yes, there will be a tutor evening where you will meet with your child’s tutor within the first half term and then a subject evening where you can meet with your child’s teachers nearer to Easter. However, if at any point you would like to speak to your child’s tutor, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You will receive a welcome letter from them in September.

 What if my child need’s extra support in September.

Wellbeing is one of our top priorities as a school and something we do a lot of work on so we advise all students to talk to us at any point if they feel they would like some help. We have a large pastoral team here to offer additional support. This includes your tutor, Head of Year, The Learning Support department, our school counsellor and our school nurse. Siobhan and Sr Jude also play a huge role in pupils’ wellbeing.


Monday 1st June

We hope that our Year 6 pupils and their families have had a good half term break. This week we are providing you with our second set of taster lessons. This week you will be completing a History lesson, Drama lesson and English lesson. Click on the links below to download the content.

 English Lesson

History Lesson

Drama Lesson


This week’s FAQs

Do Year 7 wear summer or winter uniform in September?

Year 7 pupils wear their winter uniform when they start in September. The only exception is that girls wear white ankle socks instead of their navy blue tights.

How can I order a locker for my child?

The lockers are available to order online from 1st June. Follow the link to ILS Schools.  (


Monday 18 May 2020

This week we are providing you with your first set of ‘taster’ lessons. You are going to be able to complete a Religious Studies, Physical Education, German, Spanish and French lesson. This work is similar to the work you would have completed on your taster days. Remember-the work set by your primary school should still be your priority.

We wish you all a good half term week and we will be providing our next update on Monday 1st June 2020.

French Lesson

Spanish Lesson

German Lesson

PE Lesson

Religious Studies Lesson


Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions so far. If you have any questions email Mr Breedon ( Y6 pupils, remember you can email Mr Slater, our Head of Year 7 by using your parents’ email address if you have any questions (

What happens on the first day in Year 7?

We feel that transition is really important, therefore we dedicate the first day entirely to our new pupils. There will only be our new Year 7 pupils and our new Year 12 pupils in school. The first day starts with an assembly, followed by a day spent with form tutors getting to know each other and our school. Throughout the day pupils will learn about their new routines, our expectations from them and have the opportunity to make new friends. The day ends with a liturgy in the Drama Hall. On the second day the rest of the school is present, and the morning starts with more transition activities, in particular looking at the new timetable, before Year 7 go to their first lessons in the afternoon.

Will my child be in a form with someone they know?

Wherever possible and appropriate, we aim to do this. However, we welcome many pupils who are the only ones coming to us from their primary school, therefore we place greater importance on making firm new friendships within form groups.

When do we set up ParentPay?

Towards the end of this academic year, all Year 6 parents will receive a letter inviting them to sign up to ParentPay. There is no need to do anything until you receive this letter.

How will my child know where to catch the bus?

We advise you do a number of practice walks from your house to the bus stop over the summer. If you are unsure of where the bus stops, please speak to Mrs Oldfield, our Transport Assistant.

Who do I contact if I have any questions/concerns?

During the transition phase, the best person is Mr Breedon, our Assistant Headteacher ( Once your child has started school in September, your first point of call will be your child’s form tutor. You will receive a welcome letter from them in September.


Monday 4th May 2020

Our Head Boy and Head Girl have recorded a message for our new Year 7 pupils. They would normally speak to you on your taster days, telling you about how they settled into school, how they have found life at St. Mary’s and to give you some useful tips.


Monday 11 May 2020

This week we are going to be looking in more detail at your curriculum. The PowerPoint below will show you exactly what a Year 7 curriculum is made up of, and how it differs from primary school. At the end of the PowerPoint, we invite both parents and pupils to email us in with any questions, in order for us to form a FAQs section for the subsequent weeks.

We advise parents and pupils to look through the PowerPoint together.