Student Information


Message form the Head Boy and Head Girl


Hi, I’m Shazaad Ladha. I am a member of the School Council and the recently elected Head Boy for St Mary’s. Since joining the school in Y7, I have always looked up to the council as a group of students who represent the values of St Mary’s. I hope to uphold this high standard and represent the school to the best of my ability. I will use every opportunity to give back to the school and I feel honoured to be in a position where I can create change and have a positive impact on the school community.

Hi, I’m Alessandra Mauriello and I am proud to say that I am the newly elected Head Girl at St Mary’s. I view the opportunity I have been given as a member of the school council as extremely valuable, the chance to contribute to our community and offer my support especially to younger years means a lot to me. As a student of St Mary’s since Year 7, I have looked up to the council as role models of the school and I am happy to represent and maintain the positive St Mary’s attitude previous councils have shown. I look forward to giving my time, support, and encouragement as a representative of St Mary’s.