Disadvantaged/FSM Strategy



“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled”



Vision and Intent

“Successful schools have a clear vision for what all their pupils will achieve through high quality teaching, with an ethos that reinforces aspiration and attainment for all. They realise the importance of getting the basics right, like attendance and behaviour…” S. Gyimah

It remains a constant at St Mary’s that quality first teaching, coupled with high aspirations regarding behaviour and attendance will remain the building blocks from which we will continue to ensure that all our pupils have access to the opportunities and experiences which will help them to leave our school having achieved their God given potential.

There are 4 key strands which will be the focus of this strategy and which will provide the key headings under which we will continue to develop our provision for those who are disadvantaged. It is the vision of this school that those who are socio-economically disadvantaged will leave our school having, where necessary, narrowed the gap in all these areas so that they are on a par with their peers.

  • Academic Achievement
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Cultural Capital


Further to this, as a Catholic School we will continue to drive our students forward on paths which help to develop their morals, virtues and character, so that all leave us knowing what it is to be a ‘good’ citizen.

The strategies below are designed to complement and work alongside all whole school strategies for Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Behaviour and Attendance.


Key Priorities for 2021-2022

  • Prioritise quality–first teaching and further embed 5 key elements of positive discrimination in all lessons: Learning environment, Active participation, Checking for understanding, Priority feedback, Praise.


  • Track and Monitor FSM cohort as part of RAP meetings, Senior Link meeting, and Department meetings.


  • Enhance the promotion of and uptake of subject specific and broader extra-curricular activities for disadvantaged students. (Covid permitting).


  • Provide study skills, revision skills and provide aspirational careers advice for disadvantaged students.


  • Diminish the attendance gap between FSM and the remaining cohort.


  • Ensure that Cultural Capital is embedded across all departments, where relevant, in short, medium and long term planning.


  • To liaise with primary schools to allow for early targeting of attendance of disadvantaged students.


  • To promote positive engagement with parents of disadvantaged students regarding attendance.


ESFA Funding: St Mary’s Catholic High School received £1012 in additional funding to support disadvantaged students in the 16-19 age bracket. This money has been allocated in order to provide one to one Mathematics tuition for a student in Y12. This will enable this student to receive additional support throughout the academic year.


Disadvantaged/FSM Strategy (2020/21)