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Form Tutors and Heads of Year

7AM Alpha
Mr A Marshall RE3

7DN Omega
Mrs K Donnelly GE1

Yr 7 7HL Pneuma
Miss H Loxley RE1

7HK Ichthus
Mrs I Hardwick H1

7JH Pax Mrs K Johnson A2

7JH Chi-Rho
Mrs M Shirley/Mrs T FishleighL4

Head of Year
Miss D Marsden

8SY Alpha

Mr R Shirley L3

8AC Omega
Mrs A James E3

Yr 8 8KS Pneuma
Miss K Seal M4

8HH Ichthus
Miss H Green RE2

8PL Pax
Dr A Patel C1

8DG Chi-Rho
Mr D Greenslade P3

Head of Year
Miss Duffy

9CP Alpha

Mrs C Williams B2

9EY Omega
Miss E Drury EL

Yr 9 9CO Pneuma
Miss C Booth E5

9CR Ichthus
Mr C Ross L5

9CF Pax
Mr C Foletti Anglo

9NG Chi-Rho
Mr N Greveson M5

Head of Year
Miss H McKay

10HW Alpha

Mrs H Wickham E6

10DD Omega
Mr D Dunn GE2

Yr 10 10LL Pneuma
Mrs L Crousti M2

10TF Ichthus
Mr T Franks H2

10CU Pax
Mr B McMullen H3

10JB Chi-Rho
Mrs J Brammer P2

Head of Year
Miss A Pimblett

11JX Alpha

Mr J Cox E2

11SN Omega
Mrs J Simpson E1

Yr 11 11JL Pneuma
Mr J Leadley A1

11CC Ichthus
Mr C Cowley M7

11MN Pax
Mrs A Martin IT1

11BD Chi-Rho
Miss R Brownsword E4

Head of Year
Mrs J Peace

Mrs L Craven L1

Mr A Taylor GE3

Mr P Barcroft R3

Miss C Thurlow RE4

Mrs K Morris M3

Yr 12/13
Mr S Gannon R4

Dr K Halliday C3

Mr N Roberts M1

Mrs C Wilson S4
Mrs A Jones S5
Mrs L Nichol R2
Mrs Grant-Smith S3
Heads of Year
Mrs J McKeown

Mrs D Carter

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