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The department is a highly supportive team of teachers committed to delivering excellence in the teaching and learning of Geography in line with the school mission statement.


The success of the department is highlighted in the last Ofsted report, examination results at both GCSE & Post 16, and most importantly, the enthusiasm which our students show for Geography at St. Mary’s.


The WJEC specification B  is followed at GCSE and the WJEC is followed at A level.



Fieldwork & ICT are important elements teaching and learning within the department, and all schemes of work embed an enquiry approach which seeks to motivate students by providing challenging and engaging work which are appropriate to the needs of all students. There is a strong programme of residential fieldwork in the Sixth Form, including a fieldweek on the Yorkshire coast and a four day Iceland fieldwork expedition.


ICT is integrated into schemes of work, and each of the Geography classrooms is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and number of PCs



Geography Department Aims

  • To develop skills of independent geographical enquiry, and stimulate interest in geographical issues in the world around us.
  • To develop a sense of place at local, regional, national, and global scales, making sense of the environment in these contexts. As such, this will involve the application of place knowledge to an understanding of world events.
  • Develop awareness of the role of people within environmental systems, and appreciate the range of environments and cultures in the world.
  • To understand the concept of sustainability and empower students to “Think Global, Act Local”.
  • To clarify and develop personal values & attitudes, empathise with the views held by different peoples and enhance awareness of the impact of value systems on the decision-making process.
  • Recognise that people of different cultures hold views which are not necessarily shared by other cultures. An aspect of this is to question the reliability and validity of sources of information.
  • To develop awareness & understanding of environmental, social, political and cultural issues which affect the world in the 21st Century. This will involve participation in issues and decision-making which affect their own lives and environment.
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and values & attitudes which will enable students to be socially and environmentally responsible citizens in a multi-cultural and interdependent world.
  • To appreciate and understand the global interdependence of people, places and environments.


In addition to this we aim to develop a wide range of skills which are relevant of geographical enquiry, problem solving and decision making. Such skills include:

  • Planning and sequencing a geographical enquiry;
  • Data collection skills (primary & secondary data);
  • Map and diagram construction and interpretation;
  • Atlas skills;
  • Graphicacy;
  • Data interpretation;
  • Interpretation of AVA, including aerial photographs and satellite images;
  • The use of ICT to assist & enhance geographical enquiry;
  • Reflection on the learning process (how as well as what is learned) to become increasingly independent learners.

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