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Writing Work Experience Letters

Do not forget your address and the date.

Make sure you apply to the named person (if given) and use the correct address.

Say what sort of work experience you are applying for.

Say who told you about the place if it is a friend or family working there.

Give your age.

List the qualifications you are taking, this will help the employer understand the type of work you may be interested in.

Say why you want the experience with them.

Give details of any skills and experience that you have.

Give brief details about your main hobbies or interests.

Make sure you finish the letter in the correct manner:

If you start with ‘Dear Mr or Mrs……..’ finish with Yours sincerely.

If you start with ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ finish with Yours faithfully.

You can either hand write the letter if you have neat, easy to read writing, or type it up and print it out.

Make a note of all of the different employers/companies that you have written to so that you can check who has responded.

You can look at the Sample Letter for ideas but if you still do not feel confident about writing a letter, have a go first and then bring it along to Dr Dando or Mrs Clixby.



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