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Thinking of 6th Form

There is no denying that A-levels are more challenging than GCSEs. Not only is the content more difficult but there will be more work to do. Each subject that you take will be studied for about 4 hours per week in the classroom and it is expected that pupils will spend about the same amount of time per subject on private study and homework. It is also expected that you become more independent in your studies and so to do well at A-level pupils need to develop study skills and self-discipline-  the students who do best are those who put in extra study, such as wider reading, as well as homework and class work.

Obviously we are very proud of the Sixth Form at St Mary’s, believing that it is an exceptional place to study. High expectations of conduct and a mutual respect for each other creates an environment where pupils can demonstrate great enthusiasm and determination for their studies. Additionally, staff will work tirelessly with pupils to support them in reaching their academic and personal potential. The excellent facilities at St Mary’s, specifically for Sixth Form, provide opportunities for pupils to work in a more flexible manner and provide a greater sense of independence. You can find details on such things as entry requirements, as well as the Sixth Form prospectus here.

Some of our pupils wanting to take A-Levels find that staying on at St Mary’s might not be the most suitable option for them. Clearly we feel that we offer a rich and diverse range of A-level options and an outstanding environment in which to study them but it is important that you make decisions based on what is right for you. We also set entry requirements that we feel reflect the minimum academic ability that will be required of you to successfully undertake A-levels. Whilst other 6th Forms might have different entry requirements please remember that there is little to be gained from following a course which is unsuitable or too difficult. Achieving the minimum grade requirements does not automatically guarantee success at A-level so speak to your subject teachers to get a realistic picture of your capabilities.

The following links are for 6th Form institutions within a 5 mile radius of St Mary’s.

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