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Taking a Gap Year

A gap year is not just a year to kick back and do nothing; you won’t really impress many people doing that. Most people work for a bit and then go travelling. Many of the large companies, such as KPMG, Bank of England and IBM have gap year programmes for those wishing to get in a solid year of work experience. You might also look at the Year In Industry Programme where there are opportunities for paid work in a wide range of areas including Enginering, Science, IT, E-commerce, Business, Marketing, Finance and Logistics.  Alternatively, you might want to volunteer in the UK or abroad, or use your time off to get plenty of work experience. This may even help you figure out which careers might interest you.

The key thing, if you do decide to do a gap year, is to make sure that you do something worthwhile. It might also be wise to check with admissions tutors if you have a university course in mind afterwards. Sometimes, particularly with some Science and Maths based courses, universities prefer students not to take a gap year.   – Year out opportunities – Year Out providers and opportunities – Raleigh international expeditions – opportunities for work in holiday camps in the USA – working holidays overseas – volunteering for 14-25 year olds  – volunteering projects across the UK  – Year Out opportunities summer and ski jobs across the world   ski and snow sport related jobs summer jobs and seasonal, national parks, ski resorts, ranches, camps and cruise ships

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