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Looking for an Apprenticeship

What are Apprenticeships?

If you think being an apprentice will involve living in a house with a bunch of expensive-suit-wearing entrepreneurs before being fired by Alan Sugar, you might want to think again. Apprentices work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Off the job, usually on a day-release basis, apprentices receive training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications. Anyone living in England, over 16 and not in full-time education can apply.

Will I get paid?

Yes. It might not be a professional footballer’s wage, but all apprentices, by law, are required to be paid. The minimum wage for apprentices is £3.30 an hour (approximately £115 per week if working 37 hours), but many employers pay their apprentices more than that.

What are my Options?

Apprenticeships aren’t just for those interested in construction or engineering, they can be undertaken in a huge number of different sectors and industries, from agriculture, law and accountancy to education, retail and art. Apprentices can find themselves working for a whole range of employers, from the big household names to smaller local companies. Not only do all manner of training providers and companies offer them, but there are also four different levels: Intermediate Apprenticeships, Advanced Apprenticeships, Higher Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships.

Click here to see the range of apprenticeships available at each level.

You can find out more about Apprenticeships at the National Apprenticeship website, including current vacancies.

Apprenticeships are also offered by training providers such as Training providers work with a number of employers and will try to match you with one that’s suitable. Some training providers offer just one area of work and others offer several.

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