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Jobs Using Maths


Jobs where skills in Maths are useful.

(Most jobs involving mathematics need good number or money handling skills)

Bank Cashier Betting Shop Cashier
Building Society Assistant Checkout Operator
Post Office Counter Clerk Debt Collector
Teaching Assistant  


Jobs which need good mathematical or technical skills.

You will usually need to go to college or take long periods of training. (Jobs at this level are often given to people with degrees or experience in number related work).

Air Traffic Controller Book Keeper
Accounts Clerk Bursur
CAD Draughtsman Tax Inspector
Payroll Clerk Electrician
Estate Agent Market Research Assistant
Merchant Navy Deck Officer Shop Manager
Payroll Supervisor Pensions Administrator
Secretary Satellite System Technician
Trading Standards Officer  


Jobs where you will need a degree or other advanced qualification.

You will usually need to go to university or a specialist college.

Actuary Architect
Bank Manager Economist
Aerospace Engineer Civil Engineer
Insurance Broker Lecturer
Market Research Executive Meteorologist
Network Manager Operational Researcher
Physicist Statistician
Stockbroker Researcher


Jobs where you MUST have a degree or professional qualifications and be registered as a member of the profession.

Accountant Auditor
Teacher Financial Advisor


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