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Jobs Using Hard Work


Lots of people find school work difficult.

If you have learned to have a good attitude to work there are many jobs you could do.

In the jobs below you will need to be able to:


  • arrive at work on time
  • wear the right kind of clothes for the job
  • follow instructions and do what you are told


Jobs where you need to be good at dealing with people.

Hotel Porter Theme Park Attendant
Bar Person Bowling Alley Assistant
Car Park Attendant Care Assistant
Classroom Assistant Hospital Porter
Railway Station Assistant Receptionist


Jobs where you need to be good at working with money or numbers.

Betting Shop Cashier Shop Assistant
Bar Person Bingo Caller
Market Stall Trader Meter Reader
Milkman Petrol Station Attendant


Jobs where you need to be good at making or mending things.

Builder’s Labourer Butcher
Caretaker Carpenter
Gardener Florist’s Assistant
Kitchen Assistant Decorator
Plasterer Machinist
Welder Handyman


Jobs where you need to be able to work carefully.

Airport Baggage Handler Car Valet
Carpet Cleaner Cleaner
Assembly Line Worker Hotel Room Attendant
Messenger Postman
Window Cleaner Warehouse Assistant


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