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Jobs Using Design Technology


Jobs where an interest in design technology is useful.

Production Line Assembler Bricklayer
Machinist Fence Erector
Carpet Fitter Foundry Pattern Maker
Occupational Therapy Support Worker Paint Sprayer
Picture Framer Printer
Sign Writer Tiler


Jobs where good design or technical skills are needed.

You will usually need to go to college or take long periods of training to develop your skills.

Blacksmith Cabinet Maker
Carpenter Ceramics Decorator
Engraver Glassblower
Jeweller Model Maker
Musical Instrument Maker Occupational Therapist
Packaging Technologist Photographic Technician


Jobs where a degree or other advanced qualification is needed.

You will usually need to go to university or a specialist college. You will often need to take further specialist training.

Brewer CAD Draughtsman
Exhibition Designer Graphic Designer
Interior Designer Advertising Executive
Product Designer Stage Set Designer
Textile Designer Fashion Designer
Aerospace Engineer Materials Engineer
Lecturer Teacher
Technical Author Architect


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