Dear Parents/Carers

As part of the ongoing effort to improve the information and communication the school provides, we are in the process of changing our management information system (MIS). Our MIS underpins all aspects of the school’s data processing systems, from taking registers to communications with you at home.

How does this affect me?

As part of implementing this new system, we will need to make some changes to how you access your child’s information online. We are moving to the new system after Christmas and I will contact you in the New Year about how you can gain access. This will have an effect on what information you will be able to view from our system via our current online portal (ePortal):

  • After the 17th December, the information on ePortal will not be updated, but historic data such as attendance, behaviour and reports will still be available until the end of next academic year.
  • Positive and negative house points will cease to be added on ePortal from Wednesday 15th House points will then be assigned in our new system after Christmas.
  • Homework will not be set on SatchelOne from 17th Any students working remotely during the last 2 ½ days of school will be caught up when they return. SatchelOne use will continue as usual when we return in the New Year.


Because of the complexities of moving systems and the importance of maintaining data integrity during the move, we have made the decision to not immediately introduce the new parent portal until we are happy that everything has been configured correctly. We are confident that the data we have transferred to the new system so far is accurate, however we will need a few weeks to check that everything is working correctly.

How will I know how my child is doing if I don’t have the online portal?

It is our intention to give parents and carers access to the new online portal as soon in the New Year as we can. Until then, the school will continue to provide information about absences via text messages and via direct contact, should your child be having any issues or concerns.

What information will I get in the new portal?

Essentially, the same information as the old system but in an effort to streamline the database we have made the decision not to transfer historic assessment reports to the new portal. You can, of course, download and save these reports and we would urge you to do this anyway. Historic reports will still be held securely by the school but not made available online.

A new useful feature on the new portal is that you will be able to use an app on your phone and set up notifications to alert you about various aspects regarding your son/daughter’s life at school.

What do I need to do?

At this stage, nothing. We thought it important to keep you informed of the changes and to make you aware that support for the My Ed app will no longer be available and that ePortal will cease to show live data after the 17th December.

As soon as the new portal is available, you will be informed of your login and given details of how to get the most from the new system. We expect that the impact of current data being unavailable for a few weeks will be minimal, but should you have any concerns whilst the online portal is unavailable then please contact the school via the normal methods.

Until further notice, from January 10th, if your son or daughter is going to be absent, please email and until January 14th please can any requests for changes of information be sent through to us in writing.

The new online access to your child’s attendance, behaviour and report details will be significantly better than it has been and so we will endeavour to bring it online as soon as we can. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any further queries.

We thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully


Mr J Cox

Assistant Headteacher