Dear Parents/Carers

School will close on Wednesday 22 December at 12:00 for the Christmas Holiday.

Lessons will take place for periods 1 and 2. There will then be an extended break with food served in the dining room & VIVA. Pupils in Years 7-11 who have gained an Aspire postcard will be able to purchase additional treats. This will be followed by an extended form time.

The school buses will leave school at 12:00. If you usually pick up your son/daughter or they walk home, please take note of the early close to ensure that you have made appropriate arrangements with your son/daughter for this last day.

I would like to extend my very best wishes to all parents, carers, local clergy, and the entire school community for a very holy and blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

Yours faithfully


Mr A Breedon


Assistant Headteacher