Dear Parents/Carers


In English lessons, students in Year 10 will be moving to study Shakespeare’s tragedy, ‘Macbeth’. This is one of his best-known plays and offers a rich variety of characters, concepts and dramatic techniques for us to explore.

The English department is able to offer copies of the play for loan to students for the duration of their GCSE course, but students would not be able to make notes in these copies. Many students do find the process of annotating their copies useful both for their learning and for their revision.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the play, we are able to order an Oxford School Shakespeare edition (with study notes) for you at £5.50 per copy. These can then be annotated as your child wishes. Texts will be listed on ParentPay from today until Wednesday 10 November.

Shortly before the Christmas holiday, I will be in a position to inform you of the texts each class will be studying throughout the rest of the course and, once again, will ensure that we order personal copies of these texts for your children should you choose to purchase them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about your child’s learning in English.

Yours faithfully


Mrs E Taylor

Head of English