Dear Parents/Carers

The week 18 – 22 October 2021 is going to be Readathon week at St Mary’s. This is an activity organised by the English Department and is a brilliant opportunity for students to spend time reading for pleasure as well as raising money for a great cause. For one week, the emphasis in English classes for Years 7 and 8 will be on wide reading from a personal choice of books. Pupils will be set reading activities in class, and homework will also be related to reading tasks.

This emphasis on reading enables us to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum where one of the three profile components in English is to develop an appreciation and love of reading, through reading a range of material independently. It allows us to help provide much-needed books and storytellers for our nearest major children’s hospitals, including Sheffield and Nottingham. We encourage pupils to be sponsored for each book that they read. Each student will be given a sponsorship card and can either bring their collected money into school or be sponsored via the school’s Readathon website.

We ask for your support in this venture – our aim is that pupils enjoy reading and develop their own reading skills in this special week. At the same time, we can support this very worthwhile cause.

Yours faithfully

Mrs S Evans                                                      Mrs E Taylor                                                   Mrs M Dengate
English KS3 Coordinator                               Head of English                                              Headteacher