Recognising that change is permanent, our philosophy is grounded in the belief that the principles of compassion and love are vital ingredients for all societies that value the concept of ‘inclusion for all’- Zebrared


We were thrilled to welcome back to school this week, our close friends and colleagues from Zebrared, Dr Manny Barot and Jason Farmer. The Zebrared Project takes the approach of trying to prevent young people starting on a path of bullying, hatred, violence and extreme violence.

Manny and Jason have led workshops with all of Year 9 and Year 11 on vital safeguarding issues around hate crime. They have shared their moving and inspirational experiences with our students, ranging from gangs, the impact of knife crime, working for the MET Police to tackle institutional racism and in Special Branch Counter-Terrorism units!

We have focused on the key values of acceptance, tolerance, understanding difference, and being an upstanding active citizen- all of which are central to our mission and ethos.

All of the students engaged wonderfully with the workshops and have taken invaluable life lessons from Manny and Jason.

We appreciate their passion and dedication to such important issues.

The Zebrared Projects – Learning by doing it differently (