Dear Parents/Carers

The Science department are ordering a set of GCSE Science revision guides for our students to use throughout Year 10 and Year 11. This is an essential requirement for the GCSE Science course and we recommend this strongly for all students.

The cost of the revision guide depends on the course the students are following. For Combined Science the revision guide cost is £5.85 (retail price £9.95). For Triple Science the total cost is £8.80 (retail price £17.85) and this is for 3 separate revision guides. We ask that all students purchase these revision guides through parent pay.

Students may also purchase optional workbooks that provide students with the opportunity to test their understanding once they have revised a unit. These would be useful for students, especially if they find revision difficult, as they provide extra support. The workbooks can be purchased for the same price as the revision guides, and again, payment may be made through parent pay.

Please note that those eligible for Pupil Premium funding can purchase these resources on parent pay with a 50% discount applied.

If you have any questions about either the revision guides or workbooks, please feel free to contact me at

Yours faithfully

Mr D Greenslade
Head of Science