Dear Parents/Carers

Year 12 Parents’ Afternoon Tuesday 13 July 13:00 – 15:30.

You are invited to attend the Year 12 Parents’ Afternoon to be held on Tuesday 13 July 2021 between 13:00 and 15:30. In order for the afternoon to run smoothly and remain in line with COVID-19 restrictions, we are limiting places to one parent/carer and one Year 12 student only. It is essential that your son/daughter attends with the parent/carer. Parents and students should wear facemasks when moving around the school site (unless exempt), and should remain 2 metres socially distanced from other people. Appointments will be taking place in individual
classrooms, where there will be more than 2 metres between the household and the teacher. Parents should wait outside the classroom until the previous appointment is finished. These safety measures may be revised depending on government guidance.

We operate an appointments system but parents need to be aware that these may be spread over the whole afternoon so that as many staff as possible can be seen. Your son/daughter should complete the form provided with the names of teachers. He/she should then ask each teacher to fill in the time of appointment and give the form to you before the Parents’ Afternoon – please ensure that you have the list of appointments before coming to the afternoon.

All parents and students should sign in on arrival at the Drama Hall foyer, and again sign out before leaving at the end. It is very important that everyone keeps to the times stated. If parents require longer than 5 minutes, a subsequent appointment should be made with the individual member of staff for another time. Due to limited parking facilities parents are requested not to use the lower staff car park – the bus turning circle may be used. Please park diagonally on the bus bay as instructed by the site manager. There is further space available in two other car parks which are situated at the top end of the school. From Newbold, please drive past the school buildings and take the first left. Please be considerate of our neighbours who live near to school by not
blocking their access and please avoid parking in any of the roads immediately next to our school site. We anticipate that each student will be represented at Parents’ afternoon. If no one can attend for your son/daughter, please email our Admin Assistant for Sixth Form Mrs Davies,

Yours faithfully

Mr C Bradley
Assistant Headteacher