Dear Year 12 Students and Parents/Carers


As we approach Year 12 examinations and a busy final half term, I thought it useful to clarify some key points and dates.

Unless exam leave has been removed on an individual basis, students only attend school for their examinations. Being in school uniform helps us to run school, know who is on the premises and distinguish between students and visitors or intruders. Signing in is not necessary for examinations (students are registered in exam bases). If a student attends school prior to an exam, or remains on site afterwards, they must sign in and out accordingly at reception to adhere to fire regulations.


Exam Leave/Internal exams

Monday 7 – Friday 11 June

Students come into school to undertake exams according to the attached exam timetable. Clash candidates must see Mrs Kay to arrange sittings.
Council training Friday (pm) 11 June


Examinations (Internal)


Begin (am) 9.00 (arrive at exam base by 8.45)

(pm) 1.00 (arrive at exam base by 12.45)

  • Full and correct school uniform to be worn, including blazers
  • Be at the exam base 15 minutes before an exam
  • Clear pencil cases only
  • No food or drink in the exam base (except plain unlabelled bottles of water)
  • You need a minimum of 1 black pen (+ spare), pencil and eraser
  • Calculators needed for many exams
  • Watches must be taken off and placed on desks (Smart watches are not allowed)


HE Provision / alternative provision Monday 14 June HE/Apprenticeships day 1 – full day in school off timetable

check MS Teams for groupings prior to the day

Tuesday 15 June VIRTUAL HE/Apprenticeship information for parents/carers shared
Tuesday 15 June – Thurs 17 June lessons as normal
Friday 18 June HE/ Apprenticeships day 2 – full day in school off timetable


End of Term Friday 23 July No planned absence in term time unless authorised in advance by school

The pace of learning after Year 12 exams is strong and forms the foundation for all Year 13 work.

Please do not be tempted to take days off school to start holidays early!


Internal exam results To be shared by subject teachers in lesson time
Re-sit Day If required, students will re-sit examinations on Monday 28 June


Please note students will not be able to progress automatically into Year 13 in a subject where the internal re-sit result is a fail/U grade. Students must show basic competency in each of their subjects to progress into the second year of A Levels/BTEC. Teachers and senior sixth form staff will give advice and guidance to students in June/July and parents at the Parents’ Day (see below) should this be necessary.


Other key dates


Alton Towers Thursday 24 June


INSET Tuesday 25 May
INSET Friday 25 June


Sponsored Walk Tuesday 29 June (details to follow)
Parents’ Day Tuesday 13 July (in place of Parents’ Evening; details to follow)
Open Days/Enrichment courses Only three days on weekdays in Summer Term in total
Year 13 Begins on Thursday 9 September – ensure you have your 2021/22 Sixth Form student planner on the first day of Year 13
Finally Good luck with your examinations


Yours faithfully


Mr C Bradley                                                                      Miss C Errington                                              

Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form                         Head of Year 12