Dear Parent/Carer

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze Award

Eighteen months ago your child signed up for Bronze DofE and six months later, whilst we were busy planning expedition and training weekends, we were faced with unprecedented times that none us of could have predicted.

We were keen to still provide pupils with more of a traditional DofE experience and so, whilst other schools took the decision to run significantly pared-back expeditions during the Winter term and second half of the Spring term, we have held back. With the situation improving, we feel that it is now possible for pupils to complete the expedition component of the DofE Award, although we will still be taking COVID related precautions.

This letter contains the details for the training days and Qualifying Expedition that have been arranged for the Bronze
Award group. More detailed information about both events will follow at a later date including a request for medical


Aim: To refresh knowledge and to prepare for the Bronze Award Qualifying Expedition.

Dates: Friday 21st May at St Mary’s Catholic High School. Pupils remain after school and are picked up at 6pm.

Saturday 22nd May at St Mary’s Catholic High School. Pupils are dropped off at 9am and picked up at 5pm.

Qualifying Expedition

Aim: To undertake the Bronze Qualifying Expedition, including hiking, camping, camp craft, and undertaking project
work for at least 12 hours over the two days.

If, due to COVID, a pupil does not wish to share a tent and does not want to stay in a tent on their own, DofE are
permitting reasonable adjustments due to COVID, and the pupil may be picked up from the campsite after their
evening meal to sleep at home and return for breakfast the following morning.

We will be asking that all pupils take a COVID Lateral Flow Test on the Friday evening before the expedition, emailing
Dr Dando that evening if the result is positive. In the event of a positive result, the pupil will be unable to participate
and last minute changes to the team groups may be necessary.

Dates: Saturday 3rd July 2021 – Sunday 4th July 2021

Detailed Plan

Date Time Activity Comments
Saturday 3rd July 2021 0930








Meet at Hassop Station café carpark, DE45 1NW.


Groups start day one of the expedition.


All groups finish day one route.

Camp at Mandale.



Sunday 4th July 0700








Day two of expedition starts.


Estimated end time for day two route.


Pick up from Hassop Station café car park, DE45 1NW.


Exact end timings depend on the progress of each of the groups and debrief with the assessor.

Note that during the DofE Qualifying Expedition, staff do not walk with the pupils, they remotely supervise pupils, meeting up with them at a number of points along the route, and being available on an emergency telephone number, should they be needed urgently.


On the attached information sheet is a kit list. Some items will be provided by school. Each member of the expedition will be responsible for their own kit and this will be checked before departure on the day of the expedition. If anyone has essential kit missing, they will not be allowed to participate in the expedition.

Please complete the attached form and return to Dr Dando by Tuesday 4th May. I do apologise for the quick turnaround, but these uncertain times have made it difficult to plan too far in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr Dando at:

I am looking forward to finally seeing the pupils rise to the challenge and be well prepared for the Qualifying Expedition in July.

Yours sincerely,

Dr E Dando


Kit List for Bronze Award Expedition

Clothing Have Packed Camping Kit (personal) Have Packed
Sturdy walking boots/trail shoes (essential)     Personal first aid kit and medication (essential)    
Comfortable socks (at least 2 pairs) (essential)     Sun cream (essential)    
Underwear     Towel and washing kit    
Full length trousers/leggings

(not shorts due to tick risk)


    Toilet paper and nappy sacks    
Waterproof over trousers



School have a limited supply that some students can borrow

    Tent (2 or 3 person)



School have a limited supply that some students can borrow, and usually enough pupils already have a tent that no-one needs to buy a tent just for DofE


Waterproof coat with hood



School have a limited supply that some students can borrow

    Pan scourer and tea towel    
Fleece/light weight coat (essential)     Small torch and spare batteries (essential)    
Warm top/jumper


    Mug and plate    
T-shirt     Water bottle (at least 1 litre) (essential)    
Woolly hat (essential)     Whistle    


    Plastic bags and bin liners    
Watch     Notebook, pens and pencils in a plastic bag (project dependent)    
Peaked cap/sunhat     Food and extra snacks as detailed in the meal plan (essential)    
Gaiters     Walking poles    
Kit (provided by school)     3 or 4 season sleeping bag


Matches (due to the high fire risk in the Peak District, no pupil is to carry their own matches or lighter)     Cutlery    
Fuel and fuel bottle (due to the high fire risk in the Peak District, no pupil is to

carry their own fuel)

    Sleeping mat (essential)    
Trangia cooker (due to the high fire risk in the Peak District, no pupil is to make use of the Trangia other than at the campsite and under strict supervision)     Rucksack (maximum 60-65l)



School have a limited supply that some students can borrow

Survival bag          

1. All mobile phones (fully charged) will be wrapped in a sealed plastic bag, available only during an emergency.
2. Please do not bring e-gadgets such as iPods/MP3 players/smart watches etc.
3. Expect wet, windy and cold weather – anything else will be a bonus!


Consent form to be returned to Dr Dando Tuesday 4th May 2021 in

I confirm that my child……………………………………………………………. is taking part in:

Training Days – Friday 21st May and Saturday 22nd May @ St Mary’s

Qualifying Expedition – Saturday 3rd July – Sunday 4th July

Having read this letter, I agree to their participation.

I am aware and agree to my child being remotely supervised during the walking element of the Qualifying Expedition.

I declare that my child is in good health and physically able to participate in these events.

I acknowledge the need for good conduct and responsible behaviour on their part.


Signed _____________________________________________ [parent/carer]

Date _______________________________


Contact Details                                                                      Alternative Contact Details
Name ___________________________   ____________________________________
Home phone _____________________      ____________________________________
Mobile phone ____________________       ____________________________________