Dear Year 13 Students and Parents/Carers

We have now fixed the leaving date for Year 13 as the 28th May and there are a few points I would like to bring to your attention. Firstly, you have been a great year group to work with. Whilst we are delighted to see you making exciting plans for your future, your teachers will on a personal level be sorry to see you leave us. In particular, we will miss your friendliness, hard work and strong support for others in the school.

Last Week Arrangements

On Friday 28th May, we will have our Leavers’ Mass in the morning at 9am. After Mass, around 11.00 am, students are free to leave but we hope many will join us for informal presentations, food and other fun activities thereafter.

Assessment Weeks 10th -21st May

Students should be at the exam base by 8.45 on the morning of their assessment. Full school uniform must be worn. Please double-check your exam timetable. We would ask that no food or drink is brought into the room (other than plain unlabelled bottles of water). Please do not bring mobile phones or other electronic devices in to the exam base. Leave them in your bag which can be left in the Sixth Form Dining room or study areas. You will be asked to take off watches and place them on your desk in each exam (Smart watches are not allowed).

You will need to write in black ink for all exams and many exams require you to have a pencil as well as a pen. Please make sure you bring any other equipment, such as calculators with you.
Returning Destination Forms You have been emailed and given a destinations form (blue) to complete. Please hand it in before you leave.

Returning Books

You have been emailed and given a leavers’ form (peach) to use when you are ready to return books. We
are asking that all books and materials are returned by Wednesday 26th May and the form handed in to
the Admin Office. This allows us time to check our stocks and plan for next year’s classes.
We would appreciate any donations of uniform (particularly blazers, ties and skirts in good condition) to help
other students in the future.

Clearing Debts

Please ensure that all outstanding debts are cleared on ParentPay. It is vital this is done before collecting your Teacher Assessed Grades in the summer.

Summer Ball

As you will be aware, we are planning a Year 13 Leavers’ Ball on Friday 16th July at Ringwood Hall.

Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs)

These are available on Tuesday 10th August. Students can collect their Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) from the Drama Hall after 8.00 am. We do urge you to be present in person on results day in case there is a need to contact universities or obtain help from our staff. In line with Ofqual – JCQ guidance we will not share TAGs before this date.

Help and Advice

Senior sixth form staff will be available all day on Tuesday 10th August and contactable via email at times during the following weeks to support students at this critical period. We offer every student a personal interview on results day if required. We will be offering advice on University Clearing and supporting any students who have missed firm or insurance university offers.
Please do see us on the Tuesday so that we can be sure that your future plans are in place (and hopefully so that we can offer our congratulations). There will be subject staff present too that day who will no doubt want to add their congratulations.


Very well done for all your hard work and resilience over the last two years.
Good luck with the assessments, and remember it is important to finish well continuing to be kind to each other and attending school until the very last day.

Yours faithfully

Mr C Bradley                                 Mrs E Smith
Assistant Headteacher                Head of Year 13