Dear Parents/Carers
This information pack contains all the necessary information pertaining to the Year 11 Assessment Weeks
As you are aware, the assessment weeks will form part of the broad range of evidence we will draw upon to make a judgement about the grade at which our pupils are performing in each of their subjects. They have been designed to ensure that all pupils are given the best possible opportunity to showcase the level at which they are now working. This evidence will be considered alongside a wider portfolio including: achievement in non-exam assessments; the results of assignments and tests; performance in substantial class or homework; data from mock examinations; and any other records of pupil performance and capability over the course of study, including information relating to any special considerations or reasonable adjustments to be taken into account.

The assessment period will begin on Monday 10 May 2021 and finish on Friday 21 May 2021.

The information below will give more details, in terms of the running order of the two weeks and any other relevant information. Please read this carefully.

Assessment Timetable information

Attached to this letter, you will find a copy of the assessment timetable. Please look at this carefully and ask your child to make a note of/highlight the assessments they have each day. Most assessments, as outlined on the timetable, will be in the morning sessions and the timings of these assessments are attached to the timetable for you and your child’s reference. The PM sessions will provide a block of time each day for revision. Pupils will remain in school for the PM sessions. It is important that all pupils bring sufficient revision materials every day to maximise this opportunity to prepare and consolidate during the school day.

All assessments will be undertaken in the Sports Hall, unless your child has an access arrangement that requires them to sit their assessments in a different area of the school. The pupils who require this arrangement will be given extra information regarding this in advance of the assessment weeks. If your child requires an individual room during the AM session for their assessment, they will return to a larger base for supervision during the PM revision session. Further to this, specialist subject assessments, such as Languages and Music will be undertaken in specialist rooms.

Access Arrangements

As mentioned previously, all access arrangements have been allocated, and the pupils will be informed by Miss Hood before the Easter break of any extra information they are required to know relating to their access arrangement. Should you have any queries regarding this, please get in touch with myself or Mrs A. Rosling (SENCO).
It is important to note that access arrangements are only given if there is sufficient evidence, over a long period of time, that your child requires additional support to complete their assessments successfully. Access arrangements cannot be given without substantial historical evidence of additional needs. First Day arrangements

On Monday 10 May 2021, all Year 11 pupils will be required to line up in form order on the courts outside the Sports Hall. They must be on the courts for 8.35am to ensure registers are taken, they are seated correctly and ready for the first AM session. Once registers have been taken, any pupils with access arrangements will go to their relevant bases, if required. Those pupils who will sit their assessments in the Sports Hall will be taken into the Hall, in their seating plan order.

In any of the bases, the seat in which your child is placed on the first day will remain their seat for the duration of the assessment period. Year 11 will have the same lunch slot across the two-week period 12.50-1.40pm. They must return to their bases promptly for the afternoon sessions to begin. Any instances of lateness will not be tolerated as it will disturb other learners.

After the first morning, pupils need to be on site and reporting to their allocated assessment base for 8.40am. Registers will be taken in bases and absences will be followed up.


Pupils must ensure that they are prepared each day. They must have the correct equipment with them as there is limited equipment available to supply to pupils on the day. Please see the suggested list below:
– A clear pencil case
– Pens – black pens only
– Pencil
– Eraser
– Calculator
– Protractor
– Ruler
– Highlighters for revision and any other revision material they may need.

Easter Revision

It is important that over the Easter break, Year 11 pupils utilise this time to do important consolidation work. As you are already aware, the pupils and staff have been working hard to consolidate aspects of the course, and it is now up to the pupils to revise this content; to demonstrate the skills and knowledge we know they possess.

Attached to this information pack, there is a copy of a blank revision timetable which is for you and your child to use at home, to plan periods of revision over the two-week holiday. Our hope is that by preparing adequately now, Year 11 will come back to school on Monday 19 April, refresh, feeling ready and most importantly, feeling confident in their ability to succeed.

We appreciate that this has been a busy term for pupils and therefore, we encourage Year 11 to take time during this holiday to recuperate before returning to school, therefore, the revision periods across the holiday must be proportionate to allow adequate rest.

Following the Assessment Weeks

We will consider pupils’ performance in the assessment weeks alongside the full range of evidence in order to formulate teacher assessed grades. Comprehensive moderation, standardisation and quality assurance processes are in place at both departmental and whole school levels to ensure that grades are accurate and fair. In in line with Ofqual and JCQ guidance, will not share teacher assessed grades before Thursday 12th August.

We know that our wonderful pupils will continue to make us proud, and that the procedures outlined in this letter will enable them to achieve the grades they so thoroughly deserve, in addition to supporting them in preparing for the next phase of their education.

We are awaiting clarification from the government as to when Year 11 officially leave school following the assessment weeks. We do not have this information at present and will share more information when this becomes available.

I hope you have found the information in this letter and the accompanying documents useful and informative. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Yours faithfully
Miss L Hood Mrs F Fletcher
Head of Key Stage 4 Assistant Head Teacher