As we continue this time of virtual learning and prayer please see this prayer for a new term written by a chaplain from a school in Greenwich.

Compassionate God, you gave new life to Jesus at Easter grant that we may also rise again beyond this time of suffering. Remind us that You are always present whenever we seek You. Thank You for walking alongside us even in our most difficult days. Hold our loved ones ever close to you and welcome those who have died into you healing presence.

As we begin this new term inspire us to fully embrace our studies, and to be open to your Holy Spirit of wisdom. May we use our talents for the good of all about us, and to honour you. Guide us that we might benefit fully from this time of home learning.

We pray for those who are unwell, frail or vulnerable bring them to healing, peace, and safety. We pray for all who work to heal and end injustice in our world Sustain and support them when they tire and bless the success of their labours.

We place all that we are, and all that we will become, our families, friendships, communities, and the World, into the tender care of Jesus Christ, Your son and our friend and brother. Amen’