A few issues finding bandwidth anytime to get this written and uploaded. But the Facebook posts and this should give you a flavour.

A selection of photos from various parts of the pilgrimage …

Monday night

Torchlight procession… a very special time as we all took part singing and saying the Rosary in so many different languages as we processed around the domain.

A (very) late night visit to the grotto with opportunity to light our candles and say our prayers.


The mass for anointing of the sick. The students were amazing with their pilgrims, supporting and praying for them as they received the anointing and blessing.

Time together as all of us (pilgrims and young people) at the Lac de Lourdes. Relaxing,chatting and sharing with the pilgrims, enjoying songs and other musical items in an open microphone session. And the delight of Siobhan teaching firstly our coach, and later the whole pilgrimage, a song titled “Plastic Jesus … on the dashboard of my car” … who knew?!

Followed by a service for just the students at the Youth Village, with a thoughtful homily by Father Lee reminding us that there is ample evidence from contemporary accounts that Jesus actually existed and made the claims that he was God. So we all have a decision to make … he can’t just be “a good man” when he makes claims to be God … so was he “mad”, “bad”, or God?

After tea, an opportunity for Holy Hour with Adoration. And a relatively early night!


We needed the early night. Today started with the International Mass in the huge underground St Pius X Basilica! Including a procession of the Relics of St Bernadette.