3rd Feb 2019

The journey went very smoothly and everyone seemed in really good spirits.  Our connections and flight were all on time and we really thought we’d made it when we got to Alicante.  But it was all too good to be true and indeed, one of our suitcases didn’t turn up on the conveyor belt!  However, luckily for us, it was another English tourist who had picked up the wrong suitcase and was not far away, so we only had to wait about 40 minutes before we were on our way.  It did mean it was past midnight when we finally arrived in Castellón.

The Spanish families were all there to meet us and although some of our students felt a bit nervous, there was lots of hugging and relief at having arrived at long last.  We look forward to seeing all their photos on our WhatsApp group!

Here we are waiting to board in Manchester.