Evelina Griniute is our representative at the Derbyshire Youth Council and the first meeting has recently been held. From the interesting discussions, these are the notices that you may wish to learn more about:

– Derbyshire Carers Association: This is a charity that helps young carers in our local area and raises awareness about those who fulfil this role; a staggering 1 in 12 young people. For more information about young carers, or if you are a young carer yourself, please take a look at their website www.derbyshirecarers.co.uk

– Firefighters: Ever considered the job of a firefighter? They are trying to raise awareness about the profession and the various roles associated with it besides the obvious and stereotypical. If you are aged 13-16, you could sign up to be a Derbyshire Fire Cadet. For more information go to www.derbys-fire.gov.uk/community-work/derbyshire-fire-cadets

– Libraries consultation: Due to government budget cuts, all areas of the public sector are being forced to cut spending. Libraries are especially affected and many of our local library services are changing. To have a say in what those changes are and to ensure that your favourite aspects of your local library are preserved, fill in a questionnaire at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/council/news-events/news-updates/news/libraries-for-derbyshire-consultation-launched—have-your-say.aspx

– Healthwatch Derbyshire: The NHS has a similarly squeezed budget and Healthwatch want to ensure improvements are made to services based on the opinions of those who use the available services. To tell them your opinion on local health and care services, go to www.healthwatchderbyshire.co.uk

– The Council has decided on the key focus for the next year being mental health and achieving equality.

I encourage anybody to contact me through my school email (griniutee12@stmaryschesterfield.org.uk) with any queries, suggestions or concerns involving our wider community.